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Welcome on Ákos Nikházy's Command Prompt.|Type a command and press enter to get info about me. For available commands type "help".||Most of the commands starts a program that opens a window that gives you more information. Press F11 for full screen mode.
Command List (type them without the [square brackets]):||[about] - Info about the site and me|[achievements] - List of my awards and stuff like this|[book] - about my reading habits|[cls] - clear screen|[deviantart] - about my deviantART profile|[experiments] - list of my experimental web apps|[facebook] - Window to my photography Facebook page|[gaming] - about my video game related stuff|[help] - you are here :P|[linkedin] - link to my linkedin|[old site] - open the old webiste|[share] - you can share my site here|[twitter] - info about my twitter profile|[win] - Start Winner 1.0 GUI||To stop running command press enter key.
Name: Ákos Nikházy
Birth: 23.07.1987

I am a Hungarian web developer and hobby photographer. I created this site to show of my stuff around the internet. I decided to make it interesting with Command Prompt and GUI design but it is what it is: link collection to my profiles and stuff around the web.
The site uses Chico-ui for modal boxes.
Icons by sawb, Monbcn and kevinandersson
Background by invaderjohn
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My badges on StackOverflow:
Stack Overflow profile for the_nakos at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
The almost full list of the books I've read can be found here.
As well I have rukkola profile. You can get my books for free (only for Hungarians), from here
I read this right now:
I use deviantART to show of most of my work. I put photography, flash games and animations, and any other "artistic" stuff there.
My gallery:
My work:
I play video games for fun. I am not a big achievement hunter and I almost never play online with random people, but I have some gaming profiles. I like most of the video game types from all gaming era on any platform.
A list of games I played in the last decade or so: (no more link to that)
Games I play nowdays:
Gaming Stack Exchange Profile, Q&A for professional and enthusiast gamers
Animal Crossing Wild World:
My LinkedIn account is only for professional stuff (naturally). Please do not add me if you just want more connections without real knowladge about me.
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My twitter is simply for fun and sharing. If you follow me you will see personal opinions, interesting links, photos and some mumbling in Hungarian.
Account: Yzahkin